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Sports History Writer: Uncover Your Sporting Roots

Sports clubs and sporting figures have always played an important part in their local communities, and most organisations from amateur clubs right up to national bodies have helped shape society as a whole all across the UK and beyond.

Are you are part of the local sports scene, or do you work on behalf of a professional sporting body? Sports Inspire Educational Publishing have the expertise to uncover the true history of a sporting organisation and its role in developing culture and breaking down societal walls.

These resources will help you forge stronger links with the local community, as well as providing an educational foundation to local schools and colleges.


Some of our noteworthy work

We have been privileged to document of a number of high-profile sporting historical resources since we began in 2007, covering a variety of important subject areas such as gender, race, and even ancient history.

  • We discovered the oldest evidence of a women's football team in England - which played in Grimsby and Hull in 1886

  • We wrote the wording for the blue plaque on the George Hotel, Huddersfield, the birthplace of rugby league

  • We wrote the first learning resources that specifically linked developments in women's sport to development in women's rights and freedoms

  • We wrote the primary school learning materials for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup

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  • We worked alongside the Institute of Black Culture, Media and /Sport to write the definitive education resources about sport and games in Ancient Egypt

  • We wrote the first heritage learning resource commissioned by the Football League Trust - about Millwall FC

  • We wrote the learning materials for the University of Huddersfield's highly acclaimed heritage project about amateur cricket clubs in Calderdale and Kirklees

  • We wrote Literacy and Citizenship trails for the National Football Museum

  • We wrote the learning resource for Bradford City FC about the 1985 Bradford Fire

  • We worked alongside the Sporting Memories Foundation to deliver inter-generational learning materials that teach and facilitate the benefits of oral history and related stimuli for people living with dementia

  • We wrote the sporting heritage learning resources for the 2017 Hull City of Culture.

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Sporting histories revealed

Find out how your sporting organisation was born

We will explore the roots of your club, and expand upon its significance in terms of wider society.

Education through sporting history

Your club could help educate future generations at your local schools.

Educational resources

Classroom and home learning materials based on sporting legends of the past - your club could become part of the learning environment.

Online Education

The power of sports history writing and resources

Sports Inspire offers packages of between £3000 and £10,000 based on the history and heritage of specific sports clubs and leagues. A typical resource includes combinations of the following themes:

  • Victorian origins of the Club(s)

  • The role of women at the club(s), including girls and women's teams

  • Timeline of club histories

  • Hall of fame biographies highlighting players and officials as role models

  • Numeracy based on specific achievements

  • Point of view writing, studying match reports from the local newspapers of opposing teams

  • Inter-generational oral history 

  • Observation of photographs, for example:

    • Identifying changes in kit over time

    • Placing images of the same parts of the ground in chronological order, using clues in the images

    • Placing team photographs in chronological order, using clues in kit, hairstyles, backgrounds etc. 

  • Planning and Playing tournaments, incorporating the aims of National Curriculum PE, and using examples from the club's history that demonstrate these aims

  • Additional resources that arise from unique stories and aspects of a club's history.

Such resources play a significant part of a club's heritage project. Heritage projects that are awarded funding if they can show how they will:

  • Collect and preserve heritage

  • Display, share and interpret heritage

  • Use heritage for the public good

The interactive parts of heritage projects - displaying, sharing, interpreting and using heritage to engage and benefit the wider public are essential to accessing funding, because they are the most valuable parts of heritage projects. For sports clubs, they can help to inspire the next generation of players and supporters. The education resources written and piloted by Sports Inspire have helped projects to access funding, and have contributed very significantly to successful project outcomes.

Sports Inspire can advise your club or league about how to write a successful application, based on the principles outlined above. It can also help you to discover information that will enrich your heritage.

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Uncover the history behind your sporting institution

Our sports history writer and researcher will work with you to formulate a clear historical path for your chosen sporting body. We will be able to tell you how your club helped pave the way for the prejudiced, the ignored, or the discriminated to enjoy sport and the subsequent impact that had on society.

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