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Educational resources for your club

Sports Inspire can research and write
education resources about your club.

Our resources can:

  • raise awareness of your club as a prime local example of living history

  • raise the status of your club in your community

  • forge stronger links between your club, your local school and colleges, and local organisations

  • help to attract the next generation of supporters, members, players and officials

  • help to access funding for a wider heritage project about your club.

‘This is an excellent project and can do nothing but good for the club.

Maybe more youngsters will attend games because of it.’



‘A superb way of making youngsters aware of our club

as one of the best and oldest examples of living history in our town.’


‘I support City because my Dad did. He supported them because his Dad did.

Our family has supported City for over 100 years.

For every class that studies these resources, there are 30 chances of starting new family dynasties – generations of new supporters for the club.



Some of our noteworthy work

We have been privileged to research and write education resources for numerous high-profile sporting organisations. Along the way we:

  • discovered the oldest evidence of a women's football team in England - which played in Grimsby and Hull in 1886

  • wrote the wording for the blue plaque on the George Hotel, Huddersfield, the birthplace of rugby league

  • wrote the first learning resources that specifically linked developments in women's sport to development in women's rights and freedoms

  • wrote the primary school learning materials for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup

  • wrote the first education resources that promote understanding of post-war immigration from south Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa, through sporting history

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  • wrote the sporting education resources for the Institute of Black Culture, Media and Sport, promoting black sporting role models, years before 'Black Lives Matter' became an official slogan

  • worked alongside the Institute of Black Culture, Media and Sport to write the definitive education resources about sport and games in Ancient Egypt.

  • wrote the first heritage learning resource commissioned by the Football League Trust - about Millwall FC.

  • wrote the learning materials for the University of Huddersfield's highly acclaimed heritage project about amateur cricket clubs in Calderdale and Kirklees.

  • wrote Literacy and Citizenship trails for the National Football Museum

  • wrote the learning resource for Bradford City FC about the 1985 Bradford Fire

  • worked alongside the Sporting Memories Foundation to deliver inter-generational learning materials as stimuli for people living with dementia

  • wrote the sporting heritage learning resources for the 2017 Hull City of Culture

  • wrote the education resources that celebrated Rotherham United's move from Millmoor to the New York Stadium.

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Sporting histories revealed

The Birth of Your Club

Our resources can link the birth  of your club to the social history of your locality: transport; industry; working time; population growth; communications; infrastructure ; organisations; and civic pride.

Education through Sporting History

Your club's history can be a  focus for learning from age 10 upwards to adult education.

Win-Win Educational Resources

Our ready-to-use classroom and home learning versions of resources can inspire the next generation in their learning, to value your club, and to become involved as a member.

Online Education

Support in promoting your club's heritage

Our packages and prices reflect that clubs and leagues require different levels of support,

and have different levels of resources.


You can select from:


Consultation Package (£200):

• email an to

• leave a telephone number.

Sports Inspire will:

• read an  overview of your club's history

• discuss with you and feedback a minimum of 5 activity suggestions that you and your local teachers can develop

• supply generic resources of these activities that you can adapt.


 Consultation and Support Package (£1000):

• email an enquiry to

• leave a telephone number.

Sports Inspire will:

• read an overview of your club's history

• discuss with you and feedback 10 activity suggestions that you and your local teachers can develop

• supply generic resources of these activities that you can adapt

• supply an inter-generational oral history resource that engages children in recording stories for your archive.

• work with you to:

   ◦ edit and adapt resources

   ◦ reference your resources to the knowledge and skills in the National Curriculum

   ◦ develop home learning versions of your classroom resources.


Full Project Package (£5000):

N.B. These packages are usually funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund (formerly the Heritage Lottery  Fund), or similar funding body, as part of a wider heritage project about the club. Public engagement, for example through activities for school children, care home residents, and members of local voluntary societies, are essential to access this funding. 

• email an enquiry to

•  leave a telephone number.

Sports Inspire will:

• consult with your local schools to build engagement and support for your project

• research your club’s and local history

• write a project, referenced to the National Curriculum, consisting of:

   ◦ 10 fully-resourced ready-to-use classroom activities

   ◦ 10 fully-resourced ready-to-use home learning versions of the classroom activities

   ◦  two PowerPoint presentations for school assemblies, covering combinations of moral, personal development and social issues

• supply an additional inter-generational oral history resource that engages children in recording stories for your archive

• promote this project to your local schools.

Funding Applications

Sports Inspire can advise your club or league about how to write a successful heritage project funding application.

Activities that engage the public are essential to successful funding applications. Ideally, an Activity Plan should engage the wider public across age ranges from primary school upwards, developing knowledge, skills, understanding and enjoyment through engagement with your heritage.

Sports Inspire offers:

  • free advice about how to write a sporting heritage Activity Plan for funding applications to the National Lottery Heritage Fund

  • a generic Activity Plan for a sports club heritage project that involves:







and, crucially, using heritage to benefit the wider public. 


You may be able to access funding to celebrate and promote the history of your club or league from:

•      the National Lottery Heritage Fund

•      The Arts Council

•      your local council

•      a partnership with a university or other higher education institution

(particularly by including work placements for their students in your Activity Plan).

It is strongly recommended that you include education resources

in any sporting heritage project application for funding

to the National Lottery Heritage Fund or to the Arts Council.

Active community engagement is essential

to a successful application to these funding bodies.



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Uncover the history behind your sporting institution

Our sports history writer and researcher will work with you to create education resources about your club or league.

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