Barbara Buttrick: Pioneer of Women's Sport

Barbara Buttrick: Pioneer of Women's Sport

This PowerPoint presentation is suitable for a school assembly or PSHE lesson about equal rights and equal opportunities for women.


It provides several examples of prejudice and discrimination against women playing sport from the 1880s to World War I. It then highlights the sporting opportunities successfully undertaken by women during World War I.


The majority of Barbara Buttrick's boxing career was blighted by prejudice and discrimination. Denied opportunities to box competitively, her boxing was reduced to a fairground novelty act.


Emigrating to the USA, she was the sole overseas fighter at the birth of women's professional boxing and, in 1957, the first world champion of this fledgling sport.


In 1989, Barbara was founder and first president of the Women's International Boxing Federation, and spent much of her own money in promoting the sport.


She saw women's boxing become an Olympic sport in 2012. The rapid rise of women's boxing owes a great deal to Barbara Buttrick, a true pioneer of women's sport.