School Assemblies

School assemblies: bringing sports history to life

Sports Inspire delivers unique assemblies that use powerful stories from sporting history

that engage and educate children in the following themes and issues:

  • Cheating and fair play

  • Remembrance

  • Managing emotions

Inspirational sporting heroes

  • Sir Learie Constantine (immigration to the UK, racism and equal treatment)

  • Douglas Clark (World War I; qualities of courage and heroism)

  • Barbara Buttrick (equal opportunities for women; strength of character)

  • Steve Prescott (coping with terminal cancer; courage; selflessness; charity work)

  • Cec Thompson (overcoming racism; overcoming deprivation)

  • Sir Ludwig Guttmann (founder of the Paralympics; sport and mental health; Nazi persecution of the Jews)


Teamwork and cooperation

Women’s rights and women’s football: parallel histories (equal opportunities for women)

Rugby’s great split of 1895: the birth of rugby league (social class; fairness)

Moral issues (deciding on fair actions and outcomes from in a series of moral issues)

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Engaging ways to teach children important lessons about race, gender, and general society through sporting history

We provide a way to help UK children get to grips with these deep subjects, by exposing them to inspirational sporting stories that have transcended all manner of prejudices and societal struggles.

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