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Are you are looking for fresh ways to engage your children? Do you find that some kids are difficult to reach when it comes to heavy topics such as race, religion, or societal development?

We have developed a range of learning materials for both UK classroom and home learning environments, that bring to life various important historical and societal developments through the medium of sports history.

We have found that children show a genuine interest in how various sporting figures or establishments have helped push through societal barriers or led the way in fighting prejudices - it's a fantastic way to open their eyes to these important subjects.

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School assemblies: bringing sports history to life

Going beyond the classroom, we are also available to put on special assemblies which really fire up a child's imagination. We have a variety of themes to explore based on our ever-growing range of resources - they are a fantastic way to engage with children when it comes to history in general, and important social subjects such as discrimination relating to gender, race and more.

They will look through the eyes of various important sporting figures and institutions, which is a strong gateway into understanding these issues. If you are a teacher and you are looking for fresh and unique ways to deliver this area of the curriculum, then one of our assemblies, paired with our educational materials, might be exactly what you are looking for.

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Engaging ways to teach children important lessons about race, gender, and general society through sporting history

We provide a way to help UK children get to grips with these deep subjects, by exposing them to inspirational sporting stories that have transcended all manner of prejudices and societal struggles.

Get in touch with us at Sports Inspire Educational Publishing to find out how our educational materials will help you educate your children effectively, in an engaging manner.

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