Doing Homework

Home Learning


Sports Inspire provides resources to help children learn and develop using the power of sports history - these resources are ideal for parents who are looking to educate their children from home.

Inspirational Sporting People
Set 1: Ten Inspirational Sporting Women (available now)
Set 2: Olympic and Paralympic Heroes (coming autumn 2021)
Set 3: Black Lives Matter (coming autumn 2021)
Set 4: Sporting War Heroes (coming 2022)

Sport and Climate Change
(One project, available now, covering)

  • What is Global Warming?

  • The Impacts of Global Warming

  • What Can We Do about Global Warming?

  • Making Our Club Environmentally Friendly

Benefits of these Resources for Home Learning

Each project is a project that:

  • develops cross-curricular knowledge and skills

  • uses the power of sport to engage and motivate children, particularly ‘less academic’ children

  • is fully resourced

  • requires no specialist sporting knowledge

  • uses sports people as role models for personal qualities of courage. Determination, perseverance and resilience

Doing Homework

What's included in each resource:

  • A substantial, ready-to-use project

  • Flexible to use and structured into easy to manage parts

  • Guidance Notes, Resource Sheets, Activity Sheets, Answer Sheets, Score/Diagnostic Sheets

  • Made for children aged 10 to 16 to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding, primarily in English, History, Citizenship and PSHE

Home Learning Resources

Football Club Histories
Set 1: Manchester United (3 projects, available now)

  • The History of Manchester United

  • Sandy Turnbull biography

  • Munich

Women's Sport and Women's Rights
(One project, coming in 2022, covering the many parallels between the history of women's sport and the history of women's rights and freedoms in the UK.)

Sport, Oral History and Dementia
One project, coming in 2022, covering:

  • interviewing skills

  • a sporting memories questionnaire

  • how recalling sporting memories can help people living with dementia

Immigration and Integration:

Using Sport to Understand Post-War Immigration to the UK
One project, coming in 2022, covering:

  • the British Nationalities Act (1948)

  • the stories and contributions of immigrants and their descendants to sport in the UK