Raising Hands



Using the power of sport, our education resources can inspire your children - particularly under-achieving children - in their learning.

Benefits of these Resources for Schools

Each Resource is a Scheme of Work that:

  • is a National Curriculum project

  • is cross-curricular

  • uses the power of sport to engage and motivate children, particularly ‘less academic’ children

  • is fully resourced

  • can be taught year-on-year

  • is economical on teacher preparation time

  • requires no specialist sporting knowledge from the teacher

  • teaches English and History

  • teaches about personal qualities


What's included in each resource:


  • A substantial, ready-to-use project

  • A flexible structure broken down into easy to manage parts

  • Teacher Notes, National Curriculum References, Resource Sheets, Activity Sheets, Answer Sheets, Score/Diagnostic Sheets, Class Assessment Sheet

  • Activities for children aged 10 to 16 to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding, primarily in English, History, Citizenship and PSHE


Classroom Resources


Football Club Histories
Set 1: Manchester United (3 projects, available now)

  • The History of Manchester United

  • Munich

  • Sandy Turnbull biography