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Sports Inspire Educational Publishing was founded in 2007. We work with sports clubs and educational institutions to create rich academic resources that educate children about sport and social history, key social issues, simultaneously developing their literacy and numeracy skills.

The power of sport is a fantastic gateway for children to develop cross-curricular knowledge and skills. It is particularly effective in motivating under-achieving, ‘difficult to reach’ children.

Cricket Player

Using sporting heritage to inspire academic learning

Sports clubs are often among the best examples of living history in their localities. Contemporary, relevant and inspiring, they have huge potential as gateways to academic learning and to social history.


We use sport as a springboard to inspire academic learning. Sport is powerful in motivating under-achieving children, as our consistent, positive testimonials show.


Or growing library of resources covers many sports and educational themes.

Each resource is:

  • off-the-shelf and ready to use, in classroom and home learning versions

  • a project divided into self contained sections, giving flexibility to the teacher and structure for home learners

  • substantial, comprehensive, rigorous and challenging

  • cross-curricular, with classroom versions referenced to the National Curriculum

  • designed to cover age ranges 10 to 15


Our resources cover:

  • basic skills, particularly in literacy

  • social history

  • sporting role models, their extraordinary stories, and their inspirational personal qualities, particularly their courage, determination, perseverance and resilience

  • social issues such as race, gender and disability discrimination.


We also:

  • work directly with sports clubs to advise, research and write education resources based on their histories

  • deliver sporting heritage assemblies to schools, developing understanding of social and moral issues.


Described as ‘an amazing innovation’ by an OFSTED inspector, and with consistent, positive testimonials, these resources come highly recommended.



  • downloadable resources for classroom and home/catch-up learning (from this website)

  • delivery of school assemblies

  • consultancy about researching and writing resources about the history and heritage of your sports club

  • researching and writing sports club histories

Victorian cricket painting.jpg
Victorian cricket painting.jpg

Documenting sporting history,
creating learning materials

Since 2007, Sports Inspire has researched, written and piloted education resources

for numerous professional and amateur sports clubs and other sporting heritage organisations.

These include:

Professional Football Clubs
Bradford City
Grimsby Town
Hull City
Rotherham Utd
Professional Rugby League Clubs
Bradford Bulls
Huddersfield Giants
Hull FC
Hull KR
Keighley Cougars
Wakefield Trinity Wildcats
Professional and Amateur Cricket Clubs
Yorkshire CCC
Bradford League:
Pudsey Congs
Pudsey St Lawrence
Huddersfield League:
Lancashire League:
Professional Organisations
National Football Museum
Rugby League Heritage Centre
Leeds Metropolitan University
Sporting Heritage
Football League Trust
The Institute of Black Culture, Media and Sport
2013 Rugby League World Cup
University of Huddersfield
Hull City of Culture (2017)

Based on the above blueprints and concepts, Sports Inspire wrote the national document,

Sporting Heritage in the Academic Curriculum, funded by the Department for Education and Skills.

For the first time, generic versions based on these blueprints are being made available, and can be purchased at competitive prices from this website.

Each resource is available in two formats:


  • for teachers and schools

  • for home learning (designed to help children in catch-up learning, and to help adult literacy.


Further resources are being released to the website shop on a weekly basis.

In the Classroom

Classroom and Home Learning Resources

Our learning materials use the power of sport to engage children with social history, moral issues and the development of cross- curricular knowledge and skills.

Girl playing cricket indoors.jpg

School Assemblies

We deliver inspirational assemblies that use powerful stories from sporting history. Our assemblies engage and educate children in social history and related issues of fair play, teamwork, equal opportunities, racism, physical impairments, mental health and remembrance.

Horse-drawn grass cutter, 1908.jpg

Historical Resources For Sports Clubs

Sports clubs are often among the best examples of living history in their communities. We help clubs to research, write and promote education resources based on their histories, celebrating and building awareness of their role and standing in the local community.



Educators, MPs, sporting legends and more - many people are shouting about the great work that we do.

These schemes are truly cross-curricular. They have great potential for motivating under-achieving children and for inspiring the fans of the future.


What fantastic resources, and what a gargantuan task it must have been in bringing these together. Thanks so much for all your hard work…these are such a great resource for local schools to be able to use.


Our staff and children have learned new information about the history of Pudsey.

We will be incorporating the histories of our local cricket clubs in the curriculum from now on.’


One of our difficult boys was inspired by the biography of Jimmy McIlroy.

He said: 'He was just like me. I could do what he did.'

He did a huge amount of research at home and produced some fabulous work. 

A Burnley footballer from the 1950s had become his role model.


This is a superb way of learning and also of understanding something about the history of Bradford and the importance of Bradford City to the district – and it works. This isn’t a theory – this actually works and there’s evidence of that. It’s difficult to really enthuse and to reach some kids in our schools. This scheme reaches the difficult to reach. Everybody benefits…the schools benefit because they have a fabulous teaching aid, the kids obviously benefit because they have something which will interest them as a more interesting way of learning as part of the National Curriculum. Bradford City gains because it enables young people across the district to learn that Bradford City is not just a football club, it is part of the rich heritage and culture of Bradford.


‘An amazing innovation’



‘We think it is a good model to follow.’



‘These are wonderful resources. Thank you.’



‘Our Head of Special Needs is over the moon.’



‘I was extremely impressed by the content...it was extremely comprehensive.’



‘I am always sceptical about new initiatives in education, but this has been absolutely stunning.

It engages and stimulates the children, making history purposeful, relevant and interesting for them.

The children – boys and girls alike – have absolutely loved these lessons.


Woman Tutoring Child

Let sporting history support their educational journey

Children learn best when they are inspired by the subject. Our resources have:

  • boosted the academic learning of many children

  • kick-started the learning of many difficult-to-reach children 

Selected from years of research, the sporting stories in our resources are fascinating, emotional and inspiring. Some you may know. Many you won't.


Themes covered include:

  • key periods of British history, including Victorian history and the World Wars

  • personal development themes of fair play, teamwork, selflessness, kindness, compassion, courage, determination, persistence, resilience and remembrance

  • social issues related to immigration, discrimination - racism, sexism and disability, and equal opportunities


Academic subjects covered include:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • History

  • Geography

  • Science

  • PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

  • Citizenship

  • Physical Education

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